Huawei Mate 20 Pro Unboxing!

everyone Tim Schofield here and I am here in London where Huawei just announced their latest flagship devices and I have the huawei mate 20 Pro right here going to do a full unboxing of this phone right now crazy has an in display fingerprint scanner reverse wireless charging and a lot more features as well so let’s go ahead and open up the brand new huawei mate 20 Pro [Music] here is the mate we pro from Huawei it says like a triple camera down at the bottom while we make we bro on the sides now also something I would like to make note of if we take a closer look at the box you can notice a little subtle texture to the box and you hear a little noise when I scratch it with my with my nail and you’ll see in just a second why that subtle detail is pretty clever from Huawei opening up the box we are greeted right away with none other than the mate 20 Pro itself and this is the emerald green coloring and I will set this to the side for just a second because we are going to take a look at what else comes in the box so right away looks like we have a sim ejection tool right here also Quick Start

Guide along with comes with a case for your phone which is a nice addition not many manufactures include a case for your phone but Huawei has decided to include one moving along we have our EC adapter which is a 40 watt AC adapter which is crazy fast so the main 20.per will charge extremely quick to be exact 30 minutes will give you 70% of battery and you’ll see here also has the USB type a 2 USB type-c charging cable 2 things left in the box the headphones themselves which are USB type-c and a dongle USB type-c 2 3.5 millimeter headphone jack nice to see they weren’t cheap and they included an adapter of course because there is no headphone jack and here is a look at the phone this is the emerald green color you’ll see it says not for sale sorry I cannot sell it to you guys let’s go ahead take off the wrapping and that’s really about it just this back sticker on the phone we can go ahead and press and hold the power button which I’m noticing is a different color so nice touch and then while this powers up I want to go ahead and take just a closer look at the design of this phone so here’s a look at the back saying huawei down at the bottom USB type-c

slot of course but that also couples as the speaker and I will test out in this video and even while charging so we’ll see how well that works you do have a SIM card slot and then of course couple microphones moving along on the side they do have curved sides even on the back and the front of the phone a little bit of a camera bump but honestly not that much and check out that triple camera setup with a standard wide-angle lens ultra wide-angle lens and a telephoto lens which is all three lenses that I would want and a cell phone really excited to take some pictures and speaking of the pictures I will be taking check out my Instagram today because I will actually after I shoot this video go take some pictures with this phone and post them potentially on my Twitter as well moving along with the phone up at the top and IR blaster so you can control your TV another microphone on the right side here of the phone looks like you do have your volume rockers which match the color of the device however you have a different colored power button which I’m liking it’s a good trend just gives a little bit more style I like the the color difference between it and then of course as I

mentioned in my unboxing at the beginning actually of this video how they had a texture and you’ll hear if I swipe on this with just my finger it makes it a light noise but if I grab if I use my fingernail and scratch on the back you’ll hear it has that same higher pitch noise however you don’t necessarily really feel that texture on the back when you’re holding on to it it is a little bit added grip but also no fingerprints are showing up which is great because of course you have to have a glass back for wireless charging at the moment however most glass backs are extremely are actually just fingerprint magnets so the fact that this can wirelessly charge and not attract crazy amount of fingerprints is new nice little texture on the back and of course when the light hits the phone a certain way it just starts to look different I actually am liking this emerald green color as well anyways I’m going to run through the setup process and just talk about things that are noteworthy including that in display fingerprint scanner not only am i going to set up that in screen fingerprint idea innocent face unlock because up at the top you will notice a bit of a notch it does have 3d depth sensing for your face

unlock cluding dot projector tof proximity flood illuminator IR camera and a 24 megapixel camera so overall it is supposed to be quick accurate and more secure for face unlock and setting it up it says place it firmly on the zone and they actually mean firmly you do have to press fairly firm to actually get your fingerprint to register it lets you know what part of the fingerprint it is looking to register so just go ahead and set it down and yes this does take longer than you would actually expect it has you do it a group of times so I will go ahead and run through that process you’ll see just the edges now just firmly pressing on this circle so it is successfully enrolled I can rename specific ones I can add more in settings of course but now let’s go ahead and set the face unlock so let me set this up so let’s go ahead and set up that face recognition and down at the bottom it looks like you can enable pickup to wake to enhance the face unlock experience which we will test out in just a second so let’s go ahead and enroll our face look straight at the screen and there I am with the camera I might have to

move a little bit closer slowly turn our head there we go and hopefully that was in frame I think it was good news and there we go so now let’s move along and test more stuff out and here we are all done with the setup process taking a look at that 1440p 6.4 inch OLED display very good looking display on this mate 20 Pro and you will see it does have curved edges on the side so when for example we switch screens that content just spills off the display I am a big fan of the curved sides next up let’s test out that fingerprint scanner so if I’m just holding the phone and I press power and I press down unlocks it right away it is really fast really accurate of course you’re going to have to get used to where that positioning is even when the display is off you can press where that little highlight is and you will see it unlocks the phone now make note that you need to actually put some pressure on this place oh if I just said it barely you will see that it’s not unlocking the phone it did sense that they touched the display but I have to actually press down to unlock the phone and now of course let’s try the

face unlock might be tough with the camera in front of me we’re still going to test it so if I go ahead and turn this on whoa you see that padlock right there already unlocked it I’m gonna press the button and then swipe real quick and we’ll see if it unlocks it while I’m looking at the phone of course insane that was really really fast now as you can see in the reflection I’m going to just look into the cameras display and not look at the phone and you’ll see it’s not unlocking but then if I go ahead and try it again while looking at the phone it unlocks it right away so it’s recognizing when I’m looking at the phone so really impressive with that face unlock and of course we saw that raise to wake option was enabled so let’s go ahead and test it out if I just go ahead and pick up the phone it unlocked it right away with my face unlock and this angle is really weird this isn’t necessarily a natural angle so very impressive the May 20 Pro does in fact have dual speakers from the earpiece and like I said inside that UFE type C slot so let’s go ahead and play a song right here it’s just a copyright free song I will go ahead and skip through a little bit let’s turn up that volume so yes there’s audio coming out of this ear piece and there’s audio coming out right there you’ll hear so just curious if you’re listening and you want to

charge your phone at the same time just a little quick test here okay actually not nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be all right so realistically yes it does muffle it a little bit however with this design it allowed for just more display on the front as opposed to having a grill down at the bottom just to make it a little more consolidated so overall like I said I was actually expecting it to be a lot more muffled more like if when I put my thumb on it so not too bad it will muffle the sound just a little bit but again you would have to sacrifice some design if you wanted to speaker girl on the side and of course you can actually change the gesture navigation on your phone which I would actually recommend doing because it gives you more screen real estate so if I want to go into system navigation there’s a navigation dock for this three key option where if you just press this you go to your recent apps home button or back button so if we wanted to turn on the gestures you have a bunch of different ways and ways to actually activate the Google assistant too so if I swipe all the way up you just go home if I

swipe and pause you go to those recent apps which you can still swipe up to close out of and then of course if I jump into a screen and I want to go back and I swipe from the right side I go back or swipe from the left side I go back and then let’s say you wanted to activate that Google assistant in one of the corners there you go in the other corner there you go so really useful considering it has all of the actions of that nav bar but of course when you’re in any specific app you have the full screen display of course he really can utilize all that screen real estate and I do have a full hands-on with the mid-20 probably go a little bit more in-depth and show off the twilight color of this device I will link to that down below if you want to check it out but just a couple more things if I want to jump into settings go into battery you can darken the interface color so it has a bit of a dark mode which is always great but also Wireless reverse charging so you can char just about all your wireless devices with this phone so if I go ahead and

grab my let’s say for example pixel three XL set it down on this of it I’m sorry I need to set down the back what am I thinking set it down on the back look at that it starts wirelessly charging it right away just a crazy feature I am still blown away that this actually works so that is just about everything I want to talk about for the mate pro4 now a lot more coming and like I said check out that other hands-on video all links in the description and of course be sure to subscribe so you’re notified of other future content I really want to go in-depth with this camera again so make sure you do following that those social accounts again all links in the description that’s about it hopefully enjoyed the video if you did be sure to click that thumbs up button and as always guys thank you very much

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