Preview Fossil Gen 5 Smartwatch Full Tour

hello you beautiful people this is Kristen text bird and I’m here with a new fossil generation 5 SmartWatch for men obviously because I am a man or the generation 5 has a few upgrades over the original generation 4 including a new battery mode for longer lasting performance a …

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Preview Huawei Watch GT 2e Tour & GT2 Comparison

hello gorgeous peeps I’m Chris from expert and this right here is that while we watch you gt2 a fresh new wearable launched by weight at the same time as the while we’re p40 series handsets it could be yours for just one hundred and sixty quid here in the …

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Full Review Realme Watch £50 Smartwatch!

now if you’re after a cheap affordable SmartWatch now is a great time to be alive even though it’s a pretty terrible time to be alive in pretty much every other respect and that’s because Chinese manufacturer real me has just launched its very first SmartWatch imaginatively titled of the …

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