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AMD Ryzen 7 5800H vs Intel i7-10875H – Best 8 Core Laptop CPU?

There are some important differences between AMD’s new 8 core Ryzen 7 5800H  and Intel’s 8 core i7-10875H laptop processors that you  need to know about, I’ll show you all the differences in this comparison. These are the differences in specs between these two processors. Both are 8 core 16 thread  parts with 16mb of cache. The …

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11600K vs 10600K – Which 6 Core CPU?

Intel’s new 6 core 11600K CPU uses some great gains over the older 10th gen 10600K from last generation. I wish to learn if the less expensive 10th gen chip is still worth thinking about, or if you’ve already got it, is it worth upgrading to 11th gen? I have …

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Do You Actually Need a 16 Core Laptop? 12900H vs 12900HX

You shouldn’t spend even more cash to get Intel’s best HX laptop CPU, unless you’re one of minority with some very particular requirements – below’s why. The new 12900HX has 2 even more Efficiency cores contrasted to the 12900H, which gives it 4 extra threads. Regardless of having more cores, …

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