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Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. HTC One: Full Comparison

hey everyone 10 Scofield here from Cuba King 77.com finally doing a comparison video of the HTC One and the samsung galaxy s4 go ahead and put them head-to-head I’m going to make this one video covering all the main things I wanted to cover and then go ahead and …

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I Went Into A Shop…And Bought A Graphics Card 😱

The weirdest point occurred the other day. Anna walked into a computer system store as well as got a graphics card. She really did not even have to queue for beets for three months or anything! As well as that isn’t even the craziest part concerning it, since this graphics …

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Gaming On A Chromecast: Brilliantly Terrible

Today we’re mosting likely to be video gaming on this dangly little google chromecast. Completely from phone video games, right as much as cyberpunk. But prior to that, it’s time for a word from today’s video clip enroller! Today’s video is sponsored by my preferred linux based cloud computing as …

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