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M1 MacBook Air 4 month review | Reviews

4 months ago i bought the most inexpensive m1 macbook air available yet what’s it like to utilize every day welcome back to marcos testimonials and thank you as always for subscribing if you have if you have not simply click the button one of one of the most typical …

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GOOD AND BAD! M2 MacBook Air vs M1 MacBook Air

Look, the M2 MacBook Air has better attributes and also it’s a lot more effective than the M1 design. Besides the SSD concerns that I’m gon na speak about later. And also by the means, I’m most likely gon na have a various viewpoint on that particular than you might …

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Review Long Term User Apple M1 MacBook Air

good people i’m dmitry and this base model macbook air m1 has totally changed how i work on a daily basis let me explain in short this is the best computer i’ve ever owned shocking news i know considering how many notebooks have gone through my hands how many pcs …

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