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Google Pixel 3a and 3a XL 12 essential features

if you’ve just nabbed yourself Google’s refreshing the affordable pixel three year or the pixel three year excel and have I got some hot tips for you here’s just a selection of the best Android PI features that you’ll find stuffed inside these new pixels don’t forget for more the …

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Pixel 3a XL vs Galaxy S10 Plus Is the Samsung worth it?

hello there you inordinately beautiful person you this is Chris from tech spurts and I’m here with Google’s fresh new pixel three year x-l smartphone just launched and it’s finally finally an affordable pixel Hamm’s that starts with just 469 quid here in the UK despite rockin very very similar …

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Review Pixel 3a XL Google gets it right

so as long Stan and viewers will know I’ve been really critical of Google smartphone strategy ever since it shifted from the Nexus brand to the pixel phones mostly because of one critical factor that absolutely bloody outrageous asking price however in 2019 the mighty G has started to turn …

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